Bruce Edward Weed

Last Updated: May 24th, 2024
Jail Location
Caucasian Male
145lbs (66kg)

Personal Details

Date of birth: 1980
Hair: Brown
Level: Moderate (Level 2)
Comments: " Probation Conditions 1. You are not to reside, go in, on or within 100 yards of a premise where children commonly gather, including a school, day-care facility, playground, public or private youth center, public swimming pool or video arcade facility. 2. You are not to supervise or participate in any program that includes participants or recipients, persons who are 17 or younger. 3. May not have contact with the complainant Lindsay Racz, in person, writing, by telephone, computer, through a third person, or any other means for any reason except as specifically permitted by the court. 4. You are to have no contact with any minor under the age of 17 for any reason except as specifically permitted by the Court. 5. May not accept or maintain employment, which will bring you into direct contact with children unless approved by crt. 6. Not work, frequent, or patronize places pornographic materials sold. Cannot own/possess pornographic materials. 7. No Internet accesses through any manner or method. 8. You are not to enter a nightclub, bar or establishment where alcoholic beverages are primarily sold.

Scars marks tattoos

Description: Scar on ()

Description: Tattoo on ()

Recent Arrests

Booking location: Harris County, TX

Other charges

Description: 36990013 - Indecency With a Child (by exposure)
Date released: Sep 29, 2008
Date convicted: Oct 5, 2001
Conviction state: Texas
Charges: N/A


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